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by VF_OSC_Fortrix


Cultix RC1 was reported to be unable to login from live USB on some hardware. Trying to fix it, so expect RC2 available for download within 18-20 hours.
The login credentials are now: username - geek, password - geek. Or with empty password.

Good news

The manually recompiled version of VF Desktop will come pre-installed since RC2.
Probably I2PFox and Mixologist will also be included.

Closer to win. RC1 is here

First to say, the download page moved to SourceForge. From now, you can always download the latest Cultix version there.
Cultix RC1 is the first giant jump from beta to the release.
What's new here?
Lots of improvements:
- rebuilt Midori from source to more up-to-date version
- added Vala out-of-the-box support
- fixed multiple issues with file types, themes and icons
- added some desktop shortcuts
- fixed the shortcut for the Installer (now you are able to install the live system to your HDD)
- added new packages necessary for developers
- added MPD
And in this version we are proud to introduce the first distribution-specific software - VF Sanctuary Radio player applet! Just click on an icon with VF logo in the system tray and enjoy listening to VF online radio.

Still polishing some things, hope for your feedback. :)

RC1 screenshot (click to enlarge):
Cultix RC1

Cultix. Enter the beta. Prepare to be assimilated.

So yeah. After 3 days of trial-and-error, manuals studying and neverending testing and rebuilding, the first publicly available beta image finally comes out.
Cultix. A distro for freaks'n'geeks, based on the mighty Debian GNU/Linux, with cyber-gothic eye-candy and speed and power in mind. It is built under the aegis of the VampireFreaks OpenSource cult and seems to be the only Linux distribution representing any VF community for now.

Screenshot (click to view the large image):
Cultix desktop screenshot

For now, it's a LiveDVD version that contains:

- LXDE (heavily customized, as well as GDM) as the desktop environment
- PCManFM file manager
- Midori Web browser (with Flash 11 support)
- Pidgin Internet messenger
- Transmission BitTorrent client
- VLC and LXMusic multimedia players
- GIMP image editor
- OpenOffice suite
- NetworkManager with additional plugins
- Guake as terminal app (cool dropdown terminal, usually called by F12)
- EPDFView and Geeqie viewers
- XFBurn for CD recording
- Programming environment: Geany IDE, also the following programming languages compilers/interpreters are working out of the box: C/C++, Python, Perl, Lua, Ruby, BeanShell, Tcl
- Plymouth boot splash engine
- ...and much more software, including but not limited to I2P, Java runtime, all necessary WiFi firmware and some useful drivers.

All this accompanied with Azenis icons and slightly customized Overglossed GTK2 theme, custom isolinux, GRUB2 and Plymouth themes.
As this image was built with Remastersys, it also includes a Remastersys installer. Only the live mode was tested, though.

Download, download, download the ISO here.
Check it with MD5 if you want.

This ISO is a hybrid image, so you can either burn it on a DVD, or write it directly onto your USB flash drive (thus erasing all the data this drive had!) with something like this command:
dd if=cultix-dist.iso of=/dev/sdX
...where /dev/sdX (without any number in the end!) must be replaced with your actual path to the USB pendrive.
On Windows, you can write the image with rawrite.exe, USB Disk Creator or other tools, I don't know anything about any of them.
If you come into a problem over live session and have to input username or password: the username is 'geek', the password is either empty, or 'geek' too. Sudo is working without a password there.

So please, test and enjoy.
Any questions? Ask at the VampireFreaks OpenSource cult (consider it the official Cultix distribution forum).

P.S. Once again, it's a beta, lots of things are still to be polished here, but I hope you like the idea. ;)

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